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Will my photos work?

Most likely, Yes! We can work with 95% of all photos. We want to work with the largest photo files that you have, professional print photos are best, but we require a minimum of 500kb file size. Take your photos standing at chest level, 4-5 feet above the floor and not while kneeling or standing on an elevated surface. Photos should be taken horizontally, looking into a corner at perpendicular walls with a good balance of floor and ceiling in the photo. Hollywood Staging will place furniture into the photos you send us, so if you follow the guidelines and are happy with the size and quality of your photos, you should be very happy with your Hollywood Staged photos. Hollywood Staging does not virtually stage panoramic or wide-angle lens photos and we do not recommend portrait (vertically oriented) photos as well. * Please include an exterior picture of the front of the home so Hollywood Staging Designers can select unique furnishings that will highlight and market the home best.

How many photos should I stage?

For your average size vacant home, we recommend staging at least three rooms starting with the living room, dining room, and master bedroom. If the floor plan is an open concept, a second bedroom, game room, patio, home office, and home theater rooms are also great additions. It is recommended real estate listings include both photos of the empty rooms and the staged rooms so prospective buyers understand a home has been virtually staged. 

What happens if I upload a photo that is a small size or low resolution or may not work with your service?

Not to worry! If we have any troubles with a photo or see that a photo is just not up to the necessary standards to produce a quality virtual staging product, we will call you to discuss alternatives.

Can I make changes once I see the photos?

Yes, minor revisions are included at no charge for each photo. Please note that if you decide to change a furniture style or change the photo to a different one, that would be considered a new order. Change requests must be received 72 hours from the delivery time stamp. If we do not hear from you during this time, we will consider your order complete. 

What do you mean by "per photo"?

Hollywood Staging will add virtual furniture to all rooms and areas that can be seen in a standard photograph. Panoramic and Wide Angle Lens photos cannot be virtually staged so they are excluded.

How do I place an Order?​

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3 to order staged images from Hollywood Staging. All you need to do is create an account, select either Standard or Luxury Hollywood Staging, plus any additional services, and then upload your images with any instructions. Hollywood Staging does the rest and quickly returns your photos ready for use.​

How long does it take to process my order and get my staged photos back?

Because of Hollywood Staging's commitment and diligence to give your project the attention it deserves, Hollywood Staging will return the virtually staged photos within 2 to 3 business days. If you need your order quicker, we offer One Business Day Rush Service for an additional fee.

Where can I use the virtually staged photos?

Your photos will be formatted ready to use digitally on Real Estate Listing Services, websites, PDF flyers, or email, and for a nominal fee Hollywood Staging also offers custom watermarking services placing your Logo on your images. 

Does Hollywood Staging alter the photographs by changing the wall colors, adding appliances and removing fixtures, etc?

We do not and will not alter or edit the underlying photos of the property! We do not change wall colors, change the flooring, do repairs, touch-ups or hide any damage. What potential buyers see when they go visit the property is exactly what they saw in the virtual photos just without furnishings and décor.

Can I provide suggestions with respect to the staging of the photos?

Of course! You know the property best and we are more than happy to work with your suggestions. Please be sure to add all that detailed information with your order and instructions. The more information about the rooms to be virtually staged, the better and faster we can meet your marketing needs for the home!

What if the photos that I provide have some furnishings and décor already?

Ideally we work with photos of vacant homes, but furniture removal service is available for images with light to moderate furnishings. Our team needs to review the image before accepting it for Removal Service, and if accepted, it takes up to an additional 3 business days. After removal, staging takes 2 to 3 business days. 

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