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Presentation is everything when listing a home for sale and it’s even more important when selling a Luxury Home. Our design professional experts create beautiful, realistic, virtual presentations that will bring a luxury home to life for a fraction of the cost of conventional staging. Buyers will be better able to envision the home. Virtual staging helps generate interest and excitement so you’ll sell faster.

What's the difference between Hollywood Staging's Standard and Luxury Virtual Staging?  Hollywood Staging is driven to provide exceptional and unique virtual staging for every photo we touch, but larger homes, 4000 square feet and up require more time and detail to stage. To determine if your photos would be classified Standard or Luxury, we feel it's easiest to look at the square footage. If the home is 4000 square feet or more, please make sure to order Luxury Staging.

select your photos

Good resolution photos are all we need. We can work with 95% of all photos. We want to work with the largest photo files that you have, professional print photos are best, but we require a minimum of 500kb file size. You can take the photos yourself or send us professional photographs. Hollywood Staging will add virtual furniture to all rooms and areas that can be seen in a standard photograph. Panoramic and Wide Angle Lens photos cannot be virtually staged so please do not submit them. Make sure to include an exterior picture of the home to assist us with the selection of the virtually staged furnishings. We want to make sure they are appropriate for the property and that our virtual staging will highlight and market the home best.  

Helpful Hints: Take your photos standing at chest level, 4-5 feet above the floor and not while kneeling or standing on an elevated surface. Photos should be taken horizontally, looking into a corner at perpendicular walls with a good balance of floor and ceiling in the photo. Hollywood Staging will place furniture into the photos you send us, so if you follow the guidelines and are happy with the size and quality of your photos, you should be very happy with your Hollywood Staged photos.  Keep in mind as you make your photo selections, Hollywood Staging does not virtually stage panoramic or wide-angle lens photos and we do not recommend portrait (vertically oriented) photos as well. Check out our FAQ Page for more information.

provide a brief description

Submit a photo for each room you would like virtually staged. Please give us a brief description telling us how you want them staged and any other special instructions you may have.

impress buyers

Because of Hollywood Staging's commitment and diligence to give your project the attention it deserves, Hollywood Staging will return your virtually staged photos within 2 to 3 business days. If you need your order quicker, we offer One Business Day Rush Service for an additional fee. Your photos will be formatted ready to use digitally on Real Estate Listing Services, websites, PDF flyers, or email, and for a nominal fee Hollywood Staging also offers custom watermarking services placing your Logo on your images.  

It's as easy as 1,2,3 ordering staged images from Hollywood Staging. Just create an account, select the desired services and upload your images. Remember to include a front exterior picture of the home so we better understand the aesthetics of the property. Hollywood Staging does the rest and quickly returns your photos ready for use.



Hollywood Staging provides staging for homes for sale for Brokers, Agents, and Realtors. We provide virtual furniture staging for luxury, premiere, multi-million and standard properties for sale. 
We also offer a variety of Marketing Services in print and digital, plus
unique apps for the Real Estate
and Building Industries.
Hollywood Staging offices are located in Connecticut and the Maryland DC Metro area.


Tel. 888-651-2353

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