Virtual Staging for one (1) Image.


This Virtual Staging includes a tufted beige fabric modern bed frame with navy bedding and pillows, a round navy area rug, a modern white laminate and glass-topped dresser with blue ceramic table lamp, a white nightstand table with a stylish gold tone table lamp, a beige color window shade for the double window, rope ottoman and modern gold-toned textured picture and framed poster.


Depending on the room size of the image provided, Hollywood Staging will determine whether all or if only some of the furnishings listed above will be used in your virtual staging.

VIP Bedroom 7

  • We require your images to be a minimum of 500kb file size, but 1MB to 10MB is best. You can take the pictures yourself or send us professional photographs. The best photos for virtual staging are Landscape, horizontal orientation, looking into a corner with equal amounts of ceiling and floor. For more information, see our FAQs Page.